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Meio Musical - Gabriel Felix

Musician, graduated in 2013 from the California College of Music and founder of the music school Meio Musical.

Meio Musical

Music school, established in 2013 in the Jacarepaguá neighborhood, with the aim of teaching music to children, youth, and adults.

Currently, Meio Musical operates exclusively through online methods and has over 80,000 students in more than 39 countries, offering courses in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can check the list of courses by clicking the button next to this.

You'll find various courses and lessons related to guitar, harmony, music theory, ear training, music production, and music business.

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California College Of Music - USA

In 2012, after being awarded a scholarship, Gabriel moves to California, USA, to pursue studies in music at the California College of Music.

One of the highlighted students on the California College of Music website.

Having taught over 101,000 students both in-person and online, Gabriel offers more than 176 courses on platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, Ultimate Guitar, Muse, and Skillsuccess.

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Classes are available in Portuguese and English.

Gabriel Felix holds the 4th position in the ranking of the best-selling and highly-rated courses on the international Ultimate Guitar platform.

Ultimate Guitar is the world's largest platform for selling music-related video lessons, boasting over 200 million users.

The website is part of the 'Muse Group,' the company behind Audacity, MuseScore, and the Tonebridge app.

More than 102,000 online students.

With over 176 courses available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, accessible on more than 5 online platforms worldwide.

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More than 52.000 subscribers.

With over 6 million views on YouTube across short videos and regular formats.


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